Week 8: Reading Response

Yemen is a place that is familiar to me. My dad has a coworker that is from Yemen and I have heard extremely heartbreaking stories that relate to Carvin’s “Distant Witness” chapter “Yemen” My dads coworker is named Ali, and whenever I come into the office he always has horrific stories to tell my father and I. Why does he tell us? Simply, because we listen and my dad is up to speed on what is happening in that region. He has told us numerous times that Yemen is a dangerous place.

As Carvin starts to get familiar with Yemen, a sudden massacre bursts out and he is able to track it all through twitter. Peaceful protestors are all shot by snipers hired by the government. They massacre over 50 people who are indeed attempting to stand up for what is right. But they get silenced by getting shot. “Yemeni people are snipers and they know about military tactics,” he acknowledged. “The other thing is this. This is the house where they shot us from. They were basically stationed on the rooftop… It’s (home of a) governor of a nearby governate. How could normal folks go up on the house of a governor of the country?” He shakes his head cynically and laughs. “I don’t know what to say.. I don’t know what to say. All I can say is, from this spot, 50 lives or more were lost.”(169). After reading this quote, Cavin confirmed Ali’s comments about how dangerous Yemen truly is. Sadly, no one is safe there. The power of twitter was able to keep Carvin completely locked in on all of these subjects. Its crazy to me that being on the computer following a story like this, can make you feel like you are physically there. With all of the live tweeting and retweets of the twitter feeds, Carvin was about to follow Yemen’s horrific massacre.


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