Week Seven: Reading Response

The power of the media. In the “Prologue” by Carvin we see just how powerful social network and the internet is this day in age. Protestors in Egypt were using twitter as a handle for others to gain direct access to what exactly was going on during this crisis. ” Choking on the tear gas, a young protestor steps forward with the two weapons that will help determine their fate: a jagged rock and a smartphone. Gripping the phone tightly, he hurts the rock at the thugs. Before the stone even reaches its target, he’s frantically tweeting again, hoping that someone- somewhere- will read it and bear witness” (Prologue). By reading this quote, we can conclude that social media is seen as a powerful platform now where we can post anything that we want when we want it. In this case, the protestor used it to get the word out with what was happening to him. He wanted his voice to be heard and for someone to help him.
As for Briggs chapter Going Mobile, I thought it was extremely interesting to hear how journalism has changed with advancements in technology. I never think about the times before a mobile phone because I have grown up in a world where everyone has had one since elementary school, including me. Reading about the simplicity the mobile phone has brought to a journalist was interesting as well. “Just a few years ago, reporter who wanted to be prepared for anything would have had to cram a backpack with a laptop computer, a wireless internet card, a DSLR camera, a video camera, an audio recorder, and oh, by the way, a mobile phone”(135). That sounds like one heavy backpack. Now, the report only has to bring his phone because everything else is easily accessible on there.


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