Week Six: Reading Response

In this weeks reading by Lessigs, something that I thought was interesting was the idea of certain licenses when airplanes first started flying. “If my land reaches to the heavens, what happens when United flies over my field? Do I have the right to banish it from my property? Am I allowed to enter into an exclusive license with Delta Airlines? Could we set up an auction to decide how much these rights are worth?” All of these points and questions raise ideas that I never thought even existed. I always just assumed that everyone was okay with the idea of airplanes, I never thought about air travel having these problems. When I kept reading to find out that those questions became a federal case I was interested to read more.

Since the Causby family was loosing many chickens on their farm due to the airplanes flying extremely low their land, they decided to file a law suit since they were being affected by military airplanes. The judge dealing with this case decided to hear it but in the end told them that the airways were a public area.

I also thought the section about Armstrong and his invention of the radio was very interesting to read. How he developed radio technology, which lead to the development of FM radio which most people doubted Armstrong could even do until his meeting of the Institute of Radio Engineers at the Empire State Building. At this meeting he showed them a radio that fell silent and then all of the sudden an announcer’s voice came on and he was a radio personnel. The people at this meeting were hearing something revolutionary that would change the world forever.


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